Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Made Me Love You...

I didn't want to do it...After yesterday's fluff, I have decided to once again enter the realm of serious blogging topics. What says "serious sports writer" better than a gratuitous shirtless picture of Sidney Crosby?

After reading numerous blogs about the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals, I have come to this highly intellectual conclusion - a lot of people aren't feeling the "Sid love."

And I'll admit, I used to be one of them. After the Ice Bowl, I never wanted to see his face or hear his name again. I still involuntarily twitch when I see photos or video of his big-toothed smile after he scored. As a hockey fan who favors players who fly under the radar, Sidney Crosby is the exact opposite of the kind of player I gravitate towards. I'm also a big fan of big personalities off the ice, and there's only so much "Robo-Sid" that one can take.

Then I read this article on, and my opinion changed. I highly recommend it, even though it is a tad bit lengthy. Watch the video, too; you'll be glad you did.

It's amazing how, with one story, I went from strong dislike of Sid to something akin to protective love. I always respected his talent, but now I have come to respect him as a person. He's barely a year older than I am, and he has been forced into a position of trying to "save" the NHL in America. I feel like this is the reason for "Robo-Sid" - he feels so much pressure to always do and say the perfect things. It can't be easy wanting to be a normal guy but never being able to really let loose. He needs a snuggle...

But a lot of the credit for my change of heart must go to my favorite former-Pen, Colby Armstrong. As his best friend, he seemed to bring out the real Sid, the 20-year old who laughs and jokes and has (gasp!) flaws like a real person. In one section of that article, Sid and Army are trading jabs back and forth about TV preferences, and I love the image of the two of them dancing along with Ellen. Colby made Sid more human to me, whether it's in getting him to crack that professional exterior or simply informing everyone that's Sid's booty is "kind of big."

In conclusion, I would like to offer some pictures to help increase the cuteness of Sid the Kid in the eyes of nonbelievers:

You can't deny the cuteness that is babySid!

He has his own #87 sippy cup!

And now, if this picture can't melt your heart into loving the adorableness that is Sidney Crosby, I do not know what will...

Two of the most attractive things ever - curly hair sticking out from under the ski cap and sweet hockey boys doing charity work.

Let's recap. Sidney Crosby deserves some lovin' because:

  1. He's a pretty good hockey player
  2. He's bootylicious
  3. He's the best babysitter the Lemieux kids will ever know
  4. He has a fierce set of playoff "Chops"
  5. He's a great captain who has the respect of his teammates despite his age
  6. His BFFE and roomie has been torn from his side to Atlanta
  7. He looks good without a shirt on


Jennifer said...

OMG, I am NOT a Sid fan, but that picture...... oh, that picture. WOW!!! He is really cute, as long as he keeps his mouth shut so you can't see his big teeth. Maybe if he gets them knocked out, he'll look better. Ya think???

Still, wow what a picture!!!

dani said...

That was spectacular. If I had hated Sid, I would love him after reading this post.

But I love Sid! And Army! And the two of them on Ellen would be too fun for words!

Katie said...

He is really cute, as long as he keeps his mouth shut so you can't see his big teeth.

I couldn't agree more, Jennifer. The teeth are a MAJOR turnoff, but that picture is something else. I don't think it's humanly possible to resist that picture (*runs off to look at it again)

Thanks, Dani!! I knew you would appreciate the Chops love-fest.

But I love Sid! And Army!

Sid and Army make up the best bro-mance in the NHL. Who doesn't love those two - especially together?!

dani said...

They would make a great bro-mance! I'm jealous. I think my favorite part of the article is about Sid and Army making fun of each other. It's something my friends and I would do.

dani said...

Oh oh... and I'm back again. Being a stalker. Were you at Niagara University on monday?

Katie said...

You're not a stalker, you're my Sabres Sister! haha...But no, I was not at NU on Monday. I have a few friends who go there, but sadly, I was at home.

And Sid and Army totally remind me of my friends and I with the constant mocking. I am so jealous of Colby's bro-mance with Sid; they are too cute!