Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mixed Emotions

The Top 5 Things I Learned from Last Night's Pens 3-2 Win

5.) How to spell "Sacrifice" in languages I can't even discern:

Yes, I did just post this so we can all check out Sid's nice legs and Flower's scrawny ones

4.) Brooks Orpik is a hitting machine. Officially, he hit 4 Red Wings in the course of 14 seconds during one shift. That was such a thing of beauty. Way to do Buffalo proud, Brooks!

3.) Adam Hall is secretly very attractive, especially when scoring hard-working goals

Now THAT is a winning smile

2.) Sidney Crosby is a legitimate star and a true leader. He earned every bit of that 1st star last night. Not only did he score two goals, the first for the Pens in the series; his passion and drive carried the entire team. That was the kind of performance legends are made of.

Best. picture. ever. haha

This is the face of clutch - isn't it pretty?

1.) My advice in matters of hockey and bro-mances should always be heeded. Colby Armstrong must read this blog - it's the only explanation. He read my last post about how much Sid needed him, and he decided to outdo my suggestion of simply calling him and instead flew to Pittsburgh to work as an analyst for Rogers Sportsnet.

Check out the video on their homepage of Colby sharing what magical change he brought about in Sid. Apparently telling him the Chops "look better in person" gave Sid all the confidence he needed to perform the way he did. My favorite part of the video, though, is the 0.005 second shot of Colby seeing Sid before the game - I love how his face lights up!

Really, though, think about it. Sidney looks and sounds dejected and desperate before Game 3. Then his best friend shows up, and his teammates are talking about seeing a different Sid in the locker room. I'm not gonna say "I told you so," but coincidence? I think not.

Sid was given a much-deserved day off today. Let's hope he spends it with his new good luck charm, playing video games and dancing along with Ellen.

In sadder news, Vancouver Canucks baby d-man Luc Bourdon was killed in a motorcycle crash at the age of 21. The Canucks are my favorite Western Conference team, and I often watch their games late on Saturday nights on CBC, so this loss felt like it was to player that I had watched really develop in the past year alone. My thoughts and deepest prayers are with his family, friends, and Canucks family right now.

R.I.P. Luc. You will be deeply missed.


Jennifer said...

5.) Nice legs on Sid!
4.) Orpik was so HOT! I think Darcy needs to look into what it would take to get him to Buffalo.
3.) Adam Hall is VERY attractive and extrememly HOT HOT HOT!!!
2.) Sid is back, thanks to #1.
1.) Thank you Army. That video of him seeing Sid was so great. It was like best friends reuniting. GREAT!

Death of Luc Bourdon, so tragic and so sad.

dani said...

My two cents:
Sid thighs > Flower thighs.
Sid accents < MAFccents.
Sid = Army.

"Colby Armstrong must read this blog"

He must. I mean, there are so many Army-Sid lovers here!

Katie said...

I think Darcy needs to look into what it would take to get him to Buffalo.

We need another good d-man, and Orpik is exactly the kind of tough defender I think we would all LOVE to see here! Do it, Darcy.

That video of him seeing Sid was so great. It was like best friends reuniting.

Jennifer, I'm so glad someone else thought that was as cute as I did! I wish we could have seen more of their long-awaited reunion. I REALLY hope we get to see Army interview him at some point!

Dani, Sid's thighs are a thing of beauty, and the MAFccent makes me melt every time I hear it.