Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At Least These Finals Don't Involve Studying

Are the Sabres playing yet??

Seriously, today is a pretty uneventful day in the hockey world. Last night the Red Wings eliminated the Stars to move on to the Stanley Cup Final, which will begin Saturday night. I have to admit, I turned the game off by the third period. It just wasn't exciting.

And I guess that's how I feel about the Red Wings in general. I have nothing against them personally, but their greatness kind of bores me. I totally appreciate their accomplishments and just how dominating they are, but they're just too stoic for my liking. I like my hockey boys a little quirkier, a little less polished, I guess.

Which is why I'm pulling for the Pens. They just seem so much like the Sabres off the ice - pretty to look at but dorky as all heck when it comes down to it. Detroit is so composed all the time, a team of grizzled vets. Pittsburgh has their share of those too, but they just seem to be enjoying every moment of these playoffs in a way that only NHL youngsters really can.
This is how they are in my head - Detroit is so stoic and Pittsburgh is so goofy. I'm sure there are plenty of young, fun-loving Red Wings...But until I get a picture of someone hugging Al the Octopus (see Max Talbot and Iceburgh in yesterday's post) this is my comparison.

So, I know what you're thinking. 'Ok, Katie, we get that you think the Pens are OHMYGODSOADORABLE! but do you really think they can win this thing?'

And, oh, yes, faithful readers, I do. I think that the momentum Pittsburgh has ridden throughout the playoffs will carry them through once more. I think this will be a long, tough series (wow, cliche enough for you?), but the Pens have the right mix of veteran toughness and young flash. They have speed, but they also have shown the ability to play very good defensive hockey when they need to. Not to mention their goalie has the ability to stand on his head when he needs to as well.
Pens in 6.

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