Monday, August 10, 2009

Wish I Was Blogging About Nice Things

There were plenty of nice things I could have blogged about this past month:

*My trip to the Football Hall of Fame (a week before the induction, though)
*My trip to training camp
*What I wish the Sabres were doing with this offseason
*Catwalk for Charity being moved up to November (thank God - less time to wait!)

But instead, I'm up in my room blogging on my 21st birthday instead of partying hard (or hardly partying, knowing me) because of something not so nice.

Something pretty embarrassing and kind of sad.

It's one thing for an athlete you like to get arrested - it's another thing if that athlete gets arrested for beating up a cab driver because he won't give him 20 cents.

I suppose you expect athletes to get into trouble with the law. I also suppose you expect for it to sometimes be highly publicized with every gory detail analyzed by the media and people typing on family PCs just like me.

I just never expected it to happen to Buffalo's brightest young talent, especially not over such a stupid thing.

When I heard the news about Pat Kane's arrest yesterday, I was honestly shocked. I thought of him as this great ambassador for our city - someone who was proud of his roots and seemed to love this city as much as we loved him. Now, I'm just going to think of him as that kid who beat up a cab driver.

I know that we shouldn't put athletes up on pedestals because they have their faults and issues like all people do. I also know, though, that most people don't assault someone for not having proper change. This isn't just a kid being a stupid kid - this is a kid doing something no one in their right mind should do.

I guess this ranting is just coming from a place of disappointment. I saw how much the little boys I know look up to Pat Kane and all he has accomplished. Yesterday, I had to explain to my cousin what was going on, and I hate having to tell a kid that someone that they look up to acted in a way that they should never emulate.

The thing is, athletes know that people look up to them. I'm sure Pat Kane just wants to be a regular kid when he comes home for the summer, and I understand that. But the thing is, he's not a regular kid. He has a lot of things regular kids will never get to have, and there is a price to pay for that. The price is actually not that difficult from my perspective - just act responsible; be someone that your fans can be proud of.

Hopefully, I'll blog about something more pleasant tomorrow. I just wish it took something happier than this to get me out of my writer's block.