Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Recap

Now that was a great weekend!
On Saturday night, the Buffalo Bandits won the NLL Championship game 14-13 over the Portland LumberJax. Now, I've been to a few Bandits games in my life, and those fans are some of the CRAZIEST I've ever seen - in the best possible way. There has been much debate about whether this counts as a "major" championship in Buffalo. I know that I would rather have a Super Bowl or Stanley Cup win, but this is a still a Buffalo championship in a profession sports league, and I, for one, am very proud to be a card-carrying member of the Johnny Tavares fan club today. My two best friends are season ticket holders, and both of them have been so intensely into the NLL season that I've actually decided to go along with them for next year. So congratulations, members of "Banditland" - can't wait to join your ranks next season!

I think I'm in love with Mark Steenhuis and his magical orange shoes

And now for some hockey...

Yes, it was sad watching Derek Roy and his fellow Canadians get ousted by Ovie and the Russians in OT at the IIHF World Championships, but that was all forgotten because of this:

My Second Favorite Team is headed to the Stanley Cup Finals!!

Now I did not get to see the game in its entirety yesterday, but I would like to offer some specific congratulations:

Dear Ryan Malone:

Congratulations to my favorite Pens Mucker and Grinder on your two goals! I love when hard workers get rewarded on the big stage like that. And also, thank you for being SO good looking - it makes me miss Goose and Pommers slightly less:Dear Jordan Staal:

Another goal! Even though I still want to feed you chocolate chip cookies and cocoa after what happened to your grandpa, I would rather you go out and keep winning for him. The cookie offer still stands, though...

Dear Max Talbot:

Thank you for this photo.

Mascot appreciation is good sports karma - keep it up.

Dear Sidney Crosby:

PROTECT THE CHOPS! I don't care how ugly they are, they are winners and so are you. You know I love you (for reasons I still do not understand), and these pictures make me love you even more:

Sometimes I forget just how young you are, and then your face lights up like a Christmas tree, and I remember you're pretty much a little kid hanging with the big boys.

But you're also a very smart Captain, who knows what to do with a trophy that isn't the BIG ONE:

> > >>

Tonight's Game: Wings at Stars 8 p.m. I'm kind of pulling for the Stars now, even though I said Wings in 7.

And on a completely unrelated note, my dance studio won big at our competition this weekend, with my tap team coming only 4 points shy of a perfect score! So it was a very good weekend.

Also, Happy 15th Birthday to my little sister, Amy (who I'm sure you will be hearing about a lot over here)!!


Mary said...

Woo Bandits! I've never been to a Bandits game yet, but seeing and hearing the celebrations after the win was so cool.

With the Pens, what's really important is that Sid didn't touch the trophy. He obviously saw what it did to the Sens!

And congrats with your tap team! :)

Katie said...

Mary, you so need to go to a Bandits game at least once! They're great because they're so stress-free; I never feel like I'm going to be sick from nerves at a Bandits game like I do at most Sabres games.

And thanks for the congratulations! :)

dani said...

You can join me and countless other ladies who are in love with the Mark Steenhuis! He's not the greatest looking, but for some reason, he's hot. Hot mess, hot. The great thing about the bandits is that they never lose! haha

Ahhh Sid and the Pens take some of the greatest pictures in the NHL. Next to the Sabres, of course.

Katie said...

He's not the greatest looking, but for some reason, he's hot. Hot mess, hot.

I think it's the hair...I always had a secret soft spot for Justin Guarini on the first season of American Idol...haha

Ahhh Sid and the Pens take some of the greatest pictures in the NHL. Next to the Sabres, of course.

This is why they need to win the Cup - think of all the adorable pictures they would take after they won!!

dani said...

The Pens would have some good Stanley Cup winning pictures. I wonder if they practice their Zoolander poses in the mirror? "Blue Steel Malone."