Sunday, May 25, 2008


This pretty much sums up last night's game for the Pens:

Oh, Flower. First, you get stuck with the least masculine nickname EVER, and now this. At least you were able to laugh it off, though.

Unfortunately, the replay of this moment was about the only thing that brought a smile to my face for the entire game. There's not much to say about it. What I've learned from this season in Sabre-world is that you have to try to put the really bad games behind you as quickly as possible and hope the team does the same.

For tomorrow's game, the Pens are going to have a new look on the ice, and it's one I'm totally in favor of. Malkin is playing with Sykora and Talbot, and I'm so happy to see "Maxie" (as Geno called him) up there. He is a true mucker and grinder and now his hard work is getting appreciated. The same goes for Ryan Malone. Bugsy gets to play with Hossa and Sid, and I must say that Malone and Sid on a line together will be very easy on the eyes. Plus, Gary Roberts is back! I love those cagey vets; he'll knock some sense into these little whippersnappers.

In short, Sid's not giving up and neither am I. As he said, "It's only game one, so I don't think it's desperation."

This is Sid's determined face...Be afraid...

I said Pens in 6, and I'm no quitter. Let's hope they're not either.


dani said...

He's commanding us to Protect the Chops. Will do, Sid, will do.

Katie said...

Seeing as how I will do pretty much anything Sid asks of me, I will GLADLY Protect the Chops. I promise to yell it at least once at the bonfire I'll be at tonight!