Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'll Take "Hockey Potpourri" for $2,000, Alex

Sorry for the random Jeopardy reference...

What I'm thinking about going into Game 4 tonight:

  • Kris Letang needs a hug. I can't imagine how he must feel right now. Luc Bourdon was his best friend, like his brother. I'm almost glad he was going to be scratched tonight anyway for Sydor; no one should have to go play hockey after suffering a loss like that. Kris, remember that offer I made to Jordan Staal about chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa after he lost his grandfather? Yeah, it totally stands for you, too.

This is still so incredibly sad

  • I still can't believe that Letang article was written by Bucky Gleason. It really is a beautiful piece of writing. This is what gets me so frustrated about Bucky - he really could be a terrific feature writer if he removed "5/25", "Drury and Briere," and "lowballing" from his vocabulary.
  • I hope the return-of-the-Army magic continues for another game. I really want him to interview Sid during the series (Are you listening, Sportsnet?).
  • The Sabres signed Jhonas Enroth to a 3-year deal!! I can't tell you how excited I am to see if he's the real deal like everyone says he is. He led all goalies in the Swedish Elite League with a 2.13 GAA and a .932 save percentage - which sound like pretty beastly numbers to me. However, it does make me feel somewhat underachieving in that he's as old as me (19) and is one of the top goalie prospects in years.

Welcome to Buffalo, Jhonas!

  • I feel very proud of Darcy for proving some people (name rhymes with Klucky Kleason) wrong with his signing of our youngsters. Now, if only he could lock up Tim Kennedy and start on our free agents. I guess the Kennedy thing doesn't bother me too much - unlike my secret Facebook bf Nate Gerbe, Kennedy did not accept my request. But really Darcy, Goose needed to be signed YESTERDAY - my mental well-being depends on this. Do not worry, I will have a full report prepared soon with the complete analysis of his value to the team (and me personally).
Darcy, beauty like this needs to be held on to for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE

*Many thanks to M.J. for that adorable picture!


dani said...

1. Jepardy rocks and Alex is a doucheola.
2. I would totally hug Kris and Luc's family.
3. You and Jhonas brother will make great babies. I don't know what he looks likes under the mask, but I'm sure he's fine seeing he's a Sabre.
4. Really late in saying... I love that you said you "like it Ruff."

Katie said...

1. Watching Jeopardy is pretty much a family tradition in our house...We're geeks and we embrace it.
2. Attention Kris Letang and the Bourdon family: Sign up to receive your Sabre Sister hugs here!
3. I love that you call him "Jhonas brother" - that is my new favorite nickname!
4. "like it Ruff" has a great story attached...My two best friends and I made shirts to go under our jerseys, and we needed a saying for the front. We took HOURS trying to think of a good one, and around 1 a.m. we finally settled on the best double entendre we could think of. When I had Goose sign my jersey, he saw the shirt and got a good laugh out of it!

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