Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go Canada! (I guess...)

At least there's still Derek Roy...

Team USA got eliminated last night in the Quarterfinals of the IIHF World Championships after a 3-2 OT loss to Finland. This means no more watching Pommers, Staffy, or Kaner play until fall. Oh well, at least this means Kaner will be home in Buffalo sooner, increasing the chances of running into him, and my master courtship plan can begin in earnest...

This also means no more tales from Camp Morningwood - the hilarious nickname penned by Anne over at Sabretooth's House. However, Adam Burish did leave us with one final blog:

Some guys took the opportunity to go fishing. For some, it didn’t go as planned. Kessel got pretty sea sick as he spent most of the time leaning over the end of the boat, so guys were joking with him about that the past couple days, and Mueller didn't fare so well at sea either. O'Sullivan and Backes came back with a pretty good tan, and I would say Greene did too but he had a bit more of a lobster red shade to him, ha! Over all they had a great experience catching a ton of cod. Other guys spent a lot of the day walking around the downtown Halifax area eating outside and shopping.

Now boys, you should really put on some sunscreen, especially you, Staffy, you seem quite pale. Pommers seems like someone who would follow them around with the bottle of SPF 50: "Guys, sunburn is not part of the system!"

Sorry Team USA, and it stinks that you won't have any Sabres next summer because we will be busy tearing it up in the playoffs (right, boys?)! At least now Pommers can get back to spending his summer taking care of his recuperating best friend:

Obligatory Goose reference of the day - Check!

Now, this next point is for my best friend and lover of a certain diminutive Sabres center:

Derek Roy is a beast!!

Seriously, though, Royzie had a hat trick for a 4-point game in Team Canada's 8-2 beatdown of Norway. Even though Team Russia is still in with Max and Kalinin, I am now embracing my imaginary Canadian heritage for the remainder of the tournament. Go Royzie!

Royzie is happy he scored, but secretly wishing these uniforms had a little more pizazz

Brief NHL mention of the day: Go Stars!! I really don't care who wins this series, but it's nice to see them avoid getting swept. Go Stuuuuu - even though you will always be a Sabre to me!

Pens vs. Flyers tonight - Here is a sweep I would love to see (sorry Marty and Danny). Go Sid - keep the power of the Chops going for another series!

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