Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meet the Boys - Part 2

Because I know that all of you were so riveted by my fantasy roster, I figured I would introduce you to my team in my family league.
Some of the players are the same, such as:

Peyton Manning
Edgerrin James
James Hardy
Trent Edwards

The new members of the second edition of Poz's Posse are:

1.) Greg Jennings (WR, Green Bay)

2.) Earnest Graham (RB, Tampa Bay)

3.) Owen Daniels (TE, Houston)

4.) Fred Taylor (RB, Jacksonville)

5.) Ahman Green (RB, Houston)

6.) Marty Booker (WR, Chicago)

7.) Randy McMichael (TE, St. Louis)

8.) Rob Bironas (K, Tennessee)

9.) Dallas's Defense and Special Teams

My family was calling my team the all-prison unit because of its "questionable" (at best) character. T.O. is not the humble, modest player I usually love. James Hardy has had a couple of run-ins with the law that, as a Bills fan and fantasy owner, I hope are far behind him. Dallas's defense now has everyone's favorite felon, Pac-Man Jones, which is ok with me as long as he's practicing his dance moves in the endzone and not in the strip clubs. And now, Fred Taylor just got arrested for disorderly conduct. Just throw the Bengals's Chris Henry on my team, and I'd be all set.

In hockey news (wow, it feels good to say that), preseason tickets are on sale! I'm taking my best friends, sister, and cousin to a game, but I'm not sure which one yet. Last year, we went to the game against Pittsburgh where the players all signed autographs afterwards, and it was a blast. I hope they decide to do that again.

Less than a month until the boys are back playing on the ice - I can't wait to see these two adorkable roomies for months on end:

Let's hope that there are a LOT of celebrations like that this season!


dani said...

Oh my. I think I overdosed on love on that picture. I need to it down.

"The all-prison unit." I love it.

Katie said...

Oh my. I think I overdosed on love on that picture.

That picture may be my favorite one of them of all time, and they both have some pretty amazing pictures. It's too funny not to share!