Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Almost Here

Just when I was feeling a bit of withdrawal from the lack of Paul Gaustad in my life since he signed his new contract, the Sabres found a way to give me my fix. Goose is the subject of the latest photo montage over at sabres.com. Nothing gets me ready for hockey season like seeing these beautiful faces on my computer screen:

I love their adorably stoic facial expressions.

Now, is it just me or is there an abundance of Pommer in Goose's pictures? The optimist in me would like to believe that it is subliminal messaging that a deal is almost done, but the realist in me says that they are just so attached at the hip that you can't find many pictures of Goose without Pommer somewhere nearby.

WGR is reporting that Pominville's agent says that they're getting closer to inking a long-term deal. I can't wait for it to become official, then we'll know that the core is in it together for the long-haul.

I can imagine that Pommer is not much of a demanding diva, but I'm sure he has some stipulations that he's working on getting finished before he signs:

1.) The promise of rooming with Goose for the rest of their respective careers

2.) No interruptions during Goose-Pommer naptime, no matter how important

3.) Power to pick the movie on bus rides or flights (choices range from Disney favorites to French-language romantic comedies)

4.) Guarantee that his beloved System will never be forced to leave him

5.) Copyright to delusional, optimistic phrases, such as (but not limited to) "We put forth a great effort," "We just have to work harder in practice tomorrow," "If we just stick to the system..."

6.) An unlimited supply of mouthguards to chew on

Now Darcy, are those really so unreasonable? I know that Goose may want to show An Inconvenient Truth on the plane, but I'm sure Pommer will share.

In related news, I just joined my first fantasy hockey league. Again, tips are greatly appreciated. Also, "Sweating Like Soupy" - good name or pathetic attempt at humor?


Ryan said...

Not bad all things considered. I've been sitting on my team name since last winter, so I haven't even thought about names this year.

Jennifer said...

Great name! Mine is LAME, in fact, I'm not sure if I remember what it is... hhhmmmmm, I'll have to go check on that.

This is also my first attempt at fantasy hockey (except the playoffs), so if you get any tips, please feel free to forward them on to the rest of us that are just learning.

Katie said...

Not bad all things considered.

Thanks, Ryan. I know it's pretty lame, but it's the best I can do with my school-fried brain right now.

I didn't really pay attention to the other names yesterday; which one is yours?

Katie said...

Jennifer, let me know what your name is - I'm sure it's not as bad as some of my football ones have been (and still are - haha!)

I have no tips right now besides take Ovie and Sid if you can. I call that the "Captain Obvious Rule."

Jennifer said...

At least your name is creative and funny. Mine is Ice-Breakers.

amy said...

Sweating Like Soupy is a pretty good name. If anyone is still looking for a name, mine from last year is available: Mother Puckers. I've changed up names and will be working The Little Honkers moniker this year.

dani said...

I like #1. I love when you post roomie pictures. haha!

(My professor said he wanted a new Goose jersey. I thought of you Sabre Sister and laughed.)

Katie said...

Mine is Ice-Breakers.

I like it Jennifer, and I think it's plenty creative!

Katie said...

Amy, Mother Puckers is an awesome name! Of course, though, The Little Honkers just may be my new favorite name - gotta spread the Goose love!

Katie said...

I love when you post roomie pictures.

I love when I find them! They are only the most adorable roomies and BFFs ever!

PS: I have to meet your professor!!