Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This, my friends, is a great sports week.

The Bills pulled off another impressive victory over Jacksonville on Sunday. I honestly did not think they were going to win that game, but I have a feeling they are going to surprise me a lot this year - and hopefully in many good ways.

As the season is progressing, I am finding myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the wonder that is Trent Edwards. This is new territory for me; I've never been a quarterback-loving kind of girl. They're generally too pretty and not gritty enough for my taste. However, tastes change, and I have pictures like this to thank for that.

Good-looking, articulate, and a Stanford grad - what more could a girl ask for?

I'll tell you what more - a win for my fantasy football team! After the pain of losing in both of my leagues last week, I won both of my games this past weekend, thanks mainly to a great game from T.O. I know I still will end up in the bottom of both leagues at the end of the season, but at least I know I won't be winless.

In even greater news, hockey starts this week! The baby Sabres are already off at Rookie Camp, which Tim Kennedy has been nice enough to blog about. It's nice to hear about guys like Clarke McArthur and Adam Mair helping out the youngins rather than giving them wedgies and making them get them fresh Gatorade every 5 minutes.

While the rookies were working hard, the old vets like Pommer and Staffy were hardly working, teeing off at the Sabres charity golf outing. Each player supposedly headed their own team, and I want to know who was able to split up the dynamic duo of Goose and Pommer without a temper tantrum (the answer: probably Lindy, he can scare anyone into doing what he wants).

I love the video on the Sabres website of the event, mainly because it is our first taste of Mr. Craig Rivet. He seems to have taken a liking to the team already, saying that three weeks with them feels like three months since they've been so friendly. I wonder if this means that they've already shown him the Sabre-ropes: had him try to teach Pie to tie his skates, introduced him to Royzie's "personal assistant," told him to keep his lovely wife as far away from Tim Connolly as possible...the usual.

The only thing that I'm looking forward to more than the first full practice is the day that Pommer gets his shiny new contract. According to WGR, he has set a deadline of Friday to get something done before the season, which still seems like a real possibility.

Darcy, because I know how often you frequent this blog (or not...), I will post an adorable picture of Jason Pominville every day from now until Friday in the hopes of persuading you into giving him whatever he wants:

Look, Darcy, he's lost without a new deal.


Jennifer said...

Andrew Peters is probably in charge of giving out the wedgies.

Katie said...

Jennifer, I can totally picture that being Petey's job. It would be just another one of his "odd jobs"!

Jennifer said...

He's got to do something to keep his roster spot.