Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Short People Can Do Anything

I have a new role model, and his name is Nate Gerbe.

Not only is Nate a pretty fantastic Facebook friend; he's a pretty good hockey player, too.

In fact, according to John Vogl on Sabres Edge, Nate may very well be more than just pretty good. He seems to be skating in circles around everyone else at Rookie Camp, which makes me insanely happy to hear. Not that I don't feel bad that these normal-sized baby Sabres are getting shown up by a kid who is the size they were in junior high. It's just that it's nice to see a success story happen right before our eyes to someone who most people would write off just by seeing his height on paper.

As a fellow member of the FSPA (Freakishly Short People of America), I love that Nate is out there making a name for short people everywhere. We can do everything our taller counterparts can do, and we can do some things better. Can Tim Connolly distract Chara by skating under his legs? I didn't think so.

Nate Gerbe - Making short people proud one amazing goal at a time

In other hockey news, the veterans report in two days! I can't wait to start reading and hearing more about our beloved boys in Blue and Gold; that's when I know it's really hockey time.

As excited as I am, this means there are only two more days for Darcy to get a contract for Jason Pominville before camp starts. I still have faith Darcy; you did it for Pommer's BFFs, so I know you'll get it done for him, too.

Do it for Miller.

Do it for Goose. He'd be lost without his roomie being signed as long as he is.

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