Friday, September 19, 2008

My New Campaign

Pommer: I get to be a Sabre for 5 more years! Yay me!!

Goose: Now I'll always have my nap buddy! Gimme a hug, Pommer!

Yesterday, the final piece of Darcy's summer puzzle finally fell into place. Jason Pominville signed a 5 year extension that will keep him in the Blue and Gold for the foreseeable future. The numbers aren't too bad either. While I was hoping for the ever-elusive 5/25 because even a broken clock is right twice a day, I can't complain with these figures: $4.5 million in 2009 and $5.5 every year after that. For a guy who will turn 26 in November, this can end up being another Roy-esque steal considering Pommer's continued improvement.

Pommer is my second-favorite Sabre for an innumerable amount of reasons. He was the little forward that could - in fact, I'm sure Goose still probably reads him that story before nap time. Really, though, he never let the fact that he was waived and passed on by everyone make him bitter. He used it to make himself better.

There have been many points in his short career that people have questioned him. No one thought he was good enough in 05-06, and he then proceeded to give us one of the most memorable goals in Sabres history (go check out the video again for an instant pick-me-up). People doubted if he could be a first-liner in 06-07, and then he entered the 30-goal club alongside Briere. In 07-08, everyone thought he would fail without his former center. Not only did he actually get better in terms of overall points, he became one of our fearless leaders and best choice for captain.

Speaking of the all-important "C" - it looks like Lindy is still blinded by the idea that the rotating captaincy is a good thing. I know it's nice to let everyone have a turn, but this isn't kindergarten, Lindy. You need to give these guys stable leadership, which is what I feel the signing of Teppo is all about. However, I feel that Teppo should only wear an "A" because he won't be around much longer. Still, he could train our next captain with his sage wisdom.

And who could that new captain be? If you ask Paul Hamilton, it could actually be captains again. His two nominees for a co-captaincy are two men who demonstrate leadership both on the ice and off it, two men who have pledged their loyalty to management, their best friends on the ice, and their city. These are two men who make up an integral part of the core while setting the good example of team-bonding through shared rooms and movie nights.

Yes, dear readers, like Paul Hamilton, I support Pominville-Gaustad '08 for Sabres Captaincy. Because the team that naps together, wins together.

Tomorrow is Puck Drop 2008. I'll be working, but I hope everyone who goes has a blast. I can't wait to hear all of your stories!

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