Monday, September 22, 2008

In 1992...

  • The Sabres picked up a goalie by the name of Dominik Hasek from Chicago.
  • Aladdin was tops at the box office
  • Bill Clinton became the President (and had yet to meet Monica)
  • I was starting preschool
  • The Bills were on their way to their third Super Bowl with an 11-5 record
A LOT has changed since the Bills last went 3-0, but the feeling of hope it gives this city remains the same.

I know it was more nerve-wracking than it was supposed to be. I know Jason Peters got blown up all day long. I know we need to get our running game going stronger than it has been.

But once that kick sailed through the uprights and the clock hit 0:00, none of that mattered.

I know it's cliche, but "good teams find a way to win." When we needed him the most, Trent came through with the poise that has quickly become his trademark. Now, we're 3-0 and alone atop the AFC East (thank you, Ronnie Brown). How strange yet wonderful does that sound?

In hockey news, the preseason starts today! Some random notes before they drop the puck:

  • I'm very happy that we re-signed Darcy for two more years. I think Darcy unfairly became the scapegoat for the team's numerous problems last year. I can only hope the events of this summer have shown people what a smart GM he really is.

  • Paul Gaustad hurt himself already. He bruised his shoulder in the first scrimmage, and Lindy thinks he won't play until at least the weekend. The same goes for Thomas Vanek, who pinched a nerve in his knee on Friday. All I know is that I have tickets to Saturday's game, and I strongly hope that I can see Goose out there.

  • In sad news, Lindy is going to break up Hank and Toni! No more Tallydman! I feel like US Weekly reporting on the split of Bennifer. I suppose it's good to see new defense partners, but I will miss those two together.


Jennifer said...

I was starting preschool

SHUT-UP! I was in college.

I can't believe that there will be no more five and dime. That's heart-breaking!

Katie said...

Jennifer, that just means that you're more worldly and experienced than I am.

That's heart-breaking!

I know! It reminded me of the day that I found out that Brad and Jen broke up! haha

Jennifer said...'re more worldly and experienced

Well, I must say, that sounds much better that "you're OLD"!

dani said...

haha Aladdin.

Hank and Toni should be ALL OVER PEREZ! I should send him a tip because he totally never got that memo.

Katie said...

Hank and Toni should be ALL OVER PEREZ!

I know! I was shocked that he hadn't picked up on this heartbreaking split - the public should be aware of this!