Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet The Boys - Part 1

Friday night was draft night for the Buffalo Blogger Fantasy Football team. While I am positive that I will not have anywhere near the best team in the league, I'm pretty pleased with most of my selections. I'm not really an innovative fantasy drafter; I just try to pick Peyton Manning as my fantasy QB and at least one Buffalo Bill. After that, I could really care less.

Because I know that many of you share my love of random facts about athletes, I am going to lay out my team, complete with random tidbit that no one needs to know about them.

Now I present to you, the roster for Poz's Posse:


1.) Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts): Has a cereal named after him, "Peyton's O's"
Peyton is my favorite NFL player for many real reasons, like his intensity, intelligence, and charity work. But let's face it, we all really love him for his commercials:

2.) Trent Edwards (Buffalo Bills): His sister was a substitute teacher last year at my alma mater, St. Mary's in Lancaster. According to my sister, good looks must be in the Edwards gene pool.

Running Backs:

1.) Edgerrin James (Arizona Cardinals): Edge and Matt Leinart are co-owners of one of the largest indoor go-cart tracks in Arizona.

2.) Darren McFadden (Oakland Raiders): Has the most random nicknames I've ever heard of, including "Run DMC" and "Humanity Advanced"

3.) Deuce McAllister (New Orleans Saints): His full name is Dulymus.

4.) Dominic Rhodes (Indianapolis Colts): Wants to start a real estate company after his career is over.

Wide Receivers

1.) Terrell Owens (Dallas Cowboys): Published a children's book entitled Little T Learns to Share. Oh yeah, and there's always this video.

2.) Plaxico Burress (NY Giants): His "unique" first name was chosen after his uncle.

3.) Jerry Porter (Jacksonville Jaguars): Won a slam dunk contest while in high school.

4.) James Hardy (Buffalo Bills): "General Studies" major in college, which I think is another name for "I go to college to play football and not pick up a book" studies.

Tight Ends:

1.) Chris Cooley (Washington Redskins): Has his own blog, which is actually really funny. Hmmm...Peyton may have some competition...

2.) Greg Olsen (Chicago Bears): Became the starter at Miami after Kevin Everett was drafted by the Bills.


1.) Mason Crosby (Green Bay Packers): Shares a last name with a certain hockey player, which is NOT the reason I picked him (or at least that's what I'm telling people).

2.) Jeff Reed (Pittsburgh Steelers): Was a journalism major in college.

Defense/Special Teams:

1.) Chicago Bears: Brian Urlacher used to date Paris Hilton.

2.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ronde Barber was named one of People's Sexiest Twins Alive, along with his brother, former Giants RB, Tiki.

So there's my team. Tomorrow, I draft another one for my family's league. Tonight, I try to catch up on the sleep I lost yesterday at my cousin's amazing wedding!


dani said...

Peyton! I love Peyton! His giant head helped me navigate through NYC. If I had a fantasy draft and picked him, that would be my reason.

Katie said...

His giant head helped me navigate through NYC

So I totally need to hear more of this story!

Mary said...

Hsd the most random nicknames I've ever heard of, including "Run DMC" and "Humanity Advanced".

I want a nickname like "Humanity Advanced"! That is pretty cool.

Katie said...

I want a nickname like "Humanity Advanced"!

That's what I said! You have to be pretty sweet to get a nickname like that (unless we just start calling ourselves that =P)