Sunday, August 10, 2008

100 Things: The Big Finale

I've decided that I really dislike two things:
1.) The rain
2.) Boring football games

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see Poz out there on the field again, but I think my last trip to the dentist was more enthralling than the snooze-fest that was last night's Bills-Redskins game. I was, however, happy to see JP throw that touchdown and 2-point conversion. I always loved him and his spacey look and aversion to throwing accurate, short passes - that love will never die.

I was saved from the boring game by Michael Phelps and many lovely birthday gifts from my family and friends. My personal favorites have been season's tickets to the Bandits from my two best friends and...

...a signed picture of Sid's favorite and mine - Colby Armstrong! Did I ever mention how cool my sister is? I'll post a picture of my picture tomorrow!

In honor of turning the big 2-0, I shall share with you all the final 25 random facts about me that you will never need to know (though there may be a test later):

76.) My favorite summer Olympic sport is the individual medley in swimming or softball. In the winter, it's hockey or pairs figure skating (feel free to laugh).

77.) My sister says I have no "indoor voice." I inherited that from my father and my aunts.

78.) I have two godmothers and no godfather. My mother wanted her sister to be my godmother and my dad only has sisters (4 of them), so the roots of my feminism were set down at an early age.

79.) My favorite place on Earth is the auditorium at St. Mary's High School in Lancaster. I have more good memories of that place than any other in my life.

80.) I think I may be legally blind. Seriously, people with bad vision always think I'm exaggerating until they put my glasses up to their eyes.

81.) My top five favorite books are: 1.) The Great Gatsby 2.) To Kill a Mockingbird 3.) Their Eyes Were Watching God 4.) any book in the Harry Potter series (especially Prisoner of Azkaban) 5.) Twilight

82.) I don't sing in the shower but I LOVE to sing in the car.

83.) If I was on Dancing with the Stars my dream dances would be a cha-cha to "Smooth" by Rob Thomas and Santana and a waltz to "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. I would dance with Maks of course!

84.) My favorite food is lasagna, but I could live on just eating breakfast.

85.) I'm a huge literary geek who looks for symbolism everywhere. I also subconsciously edit everything I read (a habit I got from my mom).

86.) I love taking pictures and have about 15 picture frames. I believe that all memories should be captured.

87.) I'm addicted to Facebook like the worst kind of junkie.

88.) I have a bit of a potty mouth. I'm not sure when it developed, but I think high school had something to do with it.

89.) I'm an extremely emotional person who cries at pretty much everything, especially A Walk to Remember and Moulin Rouge. I have to turn off The Notebook before it gets to the sad part because I can't take it.

90.) I was a theater geek in high school. I performed in three plays and four musicals in high school. My favorites were The Dining Room and Seussical: The Musical.

91.) I have the hardest time spelling "definitely." I think it's the second "i" that throws me.

92.) I have a very distinct "signature face" that I make in way too many pictures:

93.) If I could marry any man (who doesn't play hockey or football) it would be Justin Timberlake. Nothing is hotter to me than a man who can dance.

94.) My favorite sound is the ocean or the crescendo of an orchestra.

95.) My favorite scent is the smell of wood (like Home Depot).

96.) I'm the only older sibling who shows up regularly at my sister's softball games, and I take pride in that fact.

97.) My five favorite movies are: Beauty and the Beast, Singin' in the Rain, Wedding Crashers, Miracle, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

98.) If one quote could define my attitude about life it would be: "Dance like nobody's watching. Love like you'll never be hurt. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's heaven on Earth." by William H. Purkey.

99.) My best sports memory is being at HSBC Arena for Game 5 of the 2007 EC Semis vs. the Rangers. I will never stop thanking my dad for giving away his tickets to me and my best friend.

100.) I've always been known as someone who writes too much, way more than is necessary. If I've done that here, thanks for bearing with me.


dani said...

You like the smell of wood? Really? Ok, thats cool. I'm just the opposite. My eyes water when I get around wood. I have no clue why. I feel like splinters are in my eyes. I guess that sounds really strange, huh? :)

I'm laughing at that picture!!!

amy said...

I think there's some sort of rule that you must become a potty mouth if you attend a Catholic high school.

And I hope you had a happy birthday!

Katie said...

I feel like splinters are in my eyes. I guess that sounds really strange, huh? :)

It does sound a bit...different - haha In fact, it sounds a bit painful.

I'm laughing at that picture!!!

I think, of the total number of pictures I have on Facebook, at least half of them are of me making that face.

Katie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Amy!

I think there's some sort of rule that you must become a potty mouth if you attend a Catholic high school.

That does seem to be the general rule of thumb. Hmmm...maybe I have a potential Senior Thesis in the making (with proper credit coming your way, of course) - haha