Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry I Haven't Posted - I've Been Watching the Olympics

I know that the reason I got a blog in the first place was to talk about the sports I was watching, but I've honestly been so sucked in by the Olympics that I've neglected my computer for the first time in a long time.

To show my remorse for this, I present a smattering of Olympic Lists:

Favorite Moment of the Games (so far):

1.) The Men's 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay. I am big fan of classifying things as "the best EVER," but, seriously, that relay was the greatest Olympic event I have ever seen. There was just so much great drama about it - the French talking trash (I don't know why that idea made me giggle, but it did), the "Michael Phelps medal quest" angle, the fact that we had to come from behind to win. I loved how the commentator was talking about the fact that he could see no scenario where the US could win gold. I guess he wasn't expecting Jason "Clutch" Lezak. By the final leg of the relay, I was screaming at my TV in a way usually reserved for hockey games. The elation on their faces may be my lasting image of these games.

2.) The Men's Gymnastics Team Winning Bronze. I think this was the happiest I'd ever seen an American team to win bronze. Why shouldn't they have been overjoyed? They were missing two of their best gymnasts in the Hamm brothers, and everyone had pretty much written them out of medal contention. Jonathan Horton may be the cutest male gymnast I've ever seen. He has such an earnest face, and his strength and leadership was such a huge part of that victory. What I liked best, though, was that, like in the swimming relay, this was a team win. You got to see the guys get genuinely happy for one another, and you got to see how serious they take their role as representatives of the US.

3.) Eric Shanteau's Personal Best Swim. For anyone who hasn't heard this amazing story, Eric was diagnosed with testicular cancer before the Olympic trials. He decided to put off surgery in order to compete in Beijing. In the qualifiers for the 200-meter breaststroke, he swam a personal best time of 2 minutes, 10.10 seconds. He failed to make it to the finals, but seeing his smile after finishing brought tears to my eyes. He got to accomplish his dream of swimming for his country in the Olympic games, and that was all that mattered to him. Get well, soon, Eric, I know you've got a lot of people praying for you.

And now, because this is such a professional blog, I give you:

The Most Attractive Olympians:

1.) Justin Spring, USA Gymnastics

2.) Michael Phelps, USA Swimming (and Gold Medal Machine)

...and for the male readers

3.) Jennie Finch, USA Softball (really, I just want to be her so bad - she's good at everything!):

Now, I must finish packing for the family trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I'll be gone until the 23rd, but I will hopefully have some blogging time. Feel free to e-mail me (or Facebook me) to keep me up-to-date on all things Buffalo sports and Olympic goodies.

Things I'd Like to See While I'm Gone:

1.) Michale Phelps wins 8 gold medals.

2.) USA softball takes home the gold in its last Olympics (which is ridiculous, if you ask me).

3.) USA beats China in the medal count.

4.) Jason Peters starts talking to the Bills.

5.) Jason Pominville is signed and made Captain.


Anonymous said...

is it just me or does Michael Phelps have some weird stuff going on in his face area. It moves like the skin is not attached to the face below it.

Maybe I'm just jealous.

But yeah, Holy Crap on that relay.

Katie said...

is it just me or does Michael Phelps have some weird stuff going on in his face area.

It's not just you. Every time I see him, I'm only focused on his body (haha), but then I get distracted by his teeth. His face really bothers my sister for some reason. haha

dani said...

"And now, because this is such a professional blog"

We gotta keep it classy, you know?

Phelps is insane. He needs to eat like 17 boxes of pop tarts for breakfast just to stay alive.

Katie said...

We gotta keep it classy, you know?

We are nothing if not that, my Sabre Sister!

Attractive Olympians said...

Vote for the Most Attractive Olympian of 2008.

01 Elina Babkina (LAT)
02 Ana Ivanovic (SRB)
03 Susanna Kallur (SWE)
04 Katy Livingston (GRB)
05 Carline Muir (CND)
06 Laure Manaudou (FRA)
07 Katerina Emmons (CZE)
08 Anna Bessonova (UKR)
09 Tereza Hurikova (CZE)
10 Jennie Finch (USA)
11 Lotta Schelin (SWE)
12 Stephanie Rice (AUS)
13 Almuneda Cid (ESP)
14 Jessica Ennis (GRB)
15 Natalie Coughlin (USA)
16 Erin Dersham (AUS)
17 Lindsay Tarpley (USA)
18 Christel Simms (PHI)
19 Telma Monteiro (POR)
20 Nayara Figueira (BRA)

Voting ends on August 31th.

Nomination for the Most Attractive Olympian of 2008 Men's Category is now going on.