Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Have I Done with my Life?

This is the question I've been asking myself since seeing that I am nearly two years older that everyone the Sabres have drafted this year. Seriously, I'm going into my Junior year of college and these boys are just finishing high school! At the tender age of 18, they are future NHL-ers, and, at 19 years and (nearly 11 months), I am...a sure-fire draft pick for the National Term Paper Writer League. Don't laugh, I take my future with the NTPWL very seriously.

So today, I have decided to play stalker - I mean, investigative journalist - and provide some fun facts about each of our newest Buffalo Sabres. Most of these exciting pieces of random information come straight from the official 2008 NHL Draft website

1. Tyler Myers

  • Is very tall
  • Models his game after Chris Pronger - hopefully without the whole stepping on people with skate blades thing
  • Going out to dinner is a favorite hobby of his. (Private to Tall Tyler - there are some great places to eat in Buffalo, if you wouldn't mind a girl 18 inches shorter than you showing you around)
  • If he could invite three people to dinner, one would be Jarome Iginla. Did I mention I like this kid already?

2. Tyler Ennis

  • Is not so tall
  • Likes chicken wings - he should fit in fine here
  • His goal celebration is the one knee fist pump made famous here by Danny Briere. Um, Tiny Tyler? Derek Roy already has dibs on that celebration - and he doesn't seem to be one who shares well with others.
  • "mmmBop" is on his iPod. It takes a guy whose comfortable in his masculinity to admit to listening to Hanson.

3. Luke Adam

  • Is a Facebook addict because he accepted my friend request literally 15 minutes after I sent it, which has secured his spot as a new Muckers and Grinders favorite.
  • Models his game after Vinny Lecavalier. We can only hope he will grow up to look like him as well.
  • His favorite shootout move is "Going cheese." I don't know what that is - but I can't wait to hear RJ call that!
  • One of his friends believes that Buffalo is a great city to go to, hopefully he agrees (I guess he's here for the prospect camp).

4. Corey Fienhage

  • May be a worse Facebook addict than his future teammate. I clicked on the request button, and literally two minutes later, he was my "friend."
  • Likes to cook Easy Mac, which is about the extent of my culinary prowess as well.
  • He is a choir boy. Maybe some of this image will rub off on Tim Connolly (please just let it not be the other way around).
  • Believes that Tom Hanks "changed history."...Well, no one said they had to be deep thinkers to play hockey.

5. Justin Jokinen

  • Has great taste in books (To Kill a Mockingbird) and movies (Miracle)
  • Has "The One" by the Backstreet Boys on his iPod. Now Justin, as a die hard BSB fan from back in the day, there are many more profound songs you could choose..."I Want it that Way"? "All I Have to Give"? "Shape of my Heart"?

6. Jordon Southorn

  • His nickname is "Southy"
  • Wants to bulk up more - maybe Tiny Tyler can make him some wings and Corey Fienhage can make some Easy Mac for a side dish

7. Nick Crawford

  • Is a defenseman
  • Is our seventh pick - seven is a lucky number
  • Has very little written about him

In other news - Happy 20th Birthday to Sabres goalie prospect Jhonas Enroth! Thanks for being older than I am, "Jhonas Brother"!


Anne said...

Corey Fienhage took 8 minutes to accept my friend request, hahahha

dani said...

Corey and Luke are fan faves at Sabre Kallisions.

Katie said...

I really love that these boys struggle with Facebook addiction just like we do. It's makes them even more endearing. :)

amy said...

National Term Paper Writer League.

At the ripe old age of 21, I was an HOF member of that league. Two words: senior thesis. That's one semester of my life that I'm never getting back.

I must be the only person in the history of ever that doesn't have a Facebook account.