Monday, June 9, 2008

Looking Back

Hockey season is over.

It hadn't really bothered me before because I was so busy. My dance recital went off with no major disasters to speak of, and my ballet class that I teach looked adorable if I do say so myself. Although today I think I'm battling what Lindy would deem "general body soreness" with the possibility of a "lower body injury."

Now that I have time on my hands, I feel like I should give these Sabre-less Stanley Cup Playoffs the send-off they deserve. So without further ado:

The Top 10 Things I Learned During the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs:
10.) The Calgary Flames are the poster team for mucking and grinding. The Flames play hockey the way I love watching it be played - physical, gritty, and with a little bit of an edge. I've decided that I would give my right leg (and that's my good dancing leg) for the Captain to beat all Captains (sorry, Pommer), Jarome Iginla. He exhibits all that I love about hockey - toughness, scoring prowess, ability to fight when called for, and true heart.
Pretty and gritty - what more could a girl want?

9.) I love watching the Ottawa Senators FAIL. As a Sabres fan, nothing in these playoffs was sweeter than watching the Sens get swept by the Penguins in the first round.

8.) For his own safety and sanity, Brian Campbell should sign in the Eastern Conference next year. Preferably with a team like Florida or some other place where hockey is second to NASCAR in popularity, so he can see how good he had it here. Seriously, though, Soupy looked down right intimidated by the physical style of teams like Calgary, and it showed in his poor performances and untimely giveaways.

7.) I miss Danny and Marty 1000 times more than Chris Drury
. I think we all still bear the scars of being stabbed in the back by Chris Drury. While I wanted to see Danny and Marty succeed despite hating their team, I was glad to see the Rangers and their overpaid "intangible" leader exit in the second round.

6.) Ryan Malone is ridiculously attractive.

And his playing isn't too shabby, either

5.) The Sabres NEED Brooks Orpik. I know he's too expensive for a stay-at-home defenseman, but it's nice to dream. Watching this Buffalo native's hard-nosed blueline play this postseason has really opened my eyes to the kind of shot-blocking, gritty defense the Sabres have been missing since Jay McKee left.

4.) I miss Colby Armstrong on the Penguins. If you haven't picked up on this, today must be your first day reading this blog, so welcome! My name is Katie, and I am a recovering Army addict. Watching the Penguins get so far was the next best thing to having the Sabres in the playoffs, but it felt incomplete without Army along for the ride.

3.) Sidney Crosby isn't really a robot after all. Sure, he always seems to say the right things and never show any emotion whatsoever beyond what the NHL tells him to show. However, the Finals brought out the human side to the young man with the "Chops." Whether it was the clips of him lighting up at seeing Colby again as an analyst, or his ultimate disappointment with losing it all after coming so close, Sid became more "real" to me this postseason. His final interview was just heartbreaking, and made him seem like the vulnerable little boy that I think he really is.

I learned even superstars like Sid and Geno need snuggles

2.) Nothing compares to Sabres hockey. Yes, the playoffs were exciting. Yes, some players captured my attention and a little piece of my heart. However, my team is still my team, and a postseason without them helped solidify that feeling. Jarome Iginla is a great captain, but he's not Jason Pominville. Marc-Andre Fleury is a quirky, awesome goalie, but he's not nearly as quirky or as awesome as Ryan Miller. For as good as Sid and Malkin are, they're not Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek. And Ryan Malone, I'm sorry, as attractive and tough as you are, you will NEVER take Goose's spot in my heart.

1.) I really LOVE hockey. Even without the Sabres, the playoffs were still fun to watch because it's hockey. It's the most physically daunting postseason in sports, and it's great to watch these men put their bodies and their hearts on the line for one goal. How long until next season starts again?


Jennifer said...

I love your Top 10 List and agree with every single item. It was fun watching the playoffs, but it would have been more fun with the Sabres.

Mary said...

9.) I love watching the Ottawa Senators FAIL.

Me toooooo! :D

But I love the list, very very true. I want the season to start up again... woo Sabres!

Katie said...

Thanks guys! Once I finished posting, I realized I'd written a novel, so you should both be congratulated for simply reading them all! =P

It was fun watching the playoffs, but it would have been more fun with the Sabres.

I totally agree, Jennifer. Sabres make everything more fun (especially when sporting rally helmets).

Me toooooo! :D

Mary, what self-respecting Sabres fan did not find joy in the collapse of Ottawa this season?

Erika said...

hey...just making sure you know the picture you posted under the piece about Sidney is a picture of Evgeni Malkin.

Katie said...

Thanks, erika! I couldn't tell with the terrible picture resolution my computer gets, but that's what I get for trusting the captions on Google - haha

But I guess it still works - I'm sure Malkin needed even more snuggles than Sid!

dani said...

Your top 10 lost is exactly why we are Sabre Sisters!

1. ' I think I'm battling what Lindy would deem "general body soreness" with the possibility of a "lower body injury." '


2. NASCAR is second to everything. Their fans scare me.

I think Sid's press conference made me cry (with him).

Katie said...

I'm so glad you appreciated my list, Sabre Sister!

I was laying on the couch after my recital and my mom asked me what was wrong, to which I replied: "general body soreness." She got a kick out of that one, too!

I think Sid's press conference made me cry (with him).

I'll admit to getting teary-eyed. I think it's because he shows so little emotion the rest of the time that this was so surprisingly sad.