Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Countdown Begins

Five days until the start of free agency!

In preparation for the big day, I will actually be newsie (not to be confused with Newsies) for today. There actually is a lot to report on even if July 1 is still not here quite yet.

  • WGR is reporting that the NHL salary cap has risen once again. The maximum teams can spend will be $56.7 million, a $6.4 million raise from last season's cap. The minimum amount that teams can spend will be set at $40.7 million. I know that this is just my natural pessimism coming out, but wasn't there a lockout so the payrolls wouldn't get out of control? Granted, this is still a reasonable amount of money, but I fear that it will only keep rising, much to the detriment of small market teams (even though I hate using that as an excuse).

  • The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that everyone's favorite red-headed spin-o-rama machine, Brian Campbell, is planning to head back east. Apparently Soupy was not a fan of the warm weather (or the much tougher physical play). Front-runners for the Soupy Sweepstakes include the Sens and the Rangers. Great, like I need a reason to dislike those teams even more. I think my head would spontaneously combust if I ever saw Brian Campbell in a Senators jersey.

  • Sabres prospect camp started yesterday, and Nate Gerbe took some time to answer questions from the media. I don't know if he's naturally this articulate or if he's just been coached very well, but his answers always impress me. He was a communications major back at Boston College, and as a fellow COM major, I can see that his training has paid off. I especially loved how he talked about how he has become BFFs with Tim Kennedy and Chris Butler. We can only hope that they can grow up together in Portland like our current Sabres did in Rochester, which has led to great chemistry on the ice.

  • In news that made my heart soar, Darcy has extended qualifying offers to all of our RFAs, Mark Mancari, Clarke MacArthur, Dan Paille, Steve Bernier, and Paul Gaustad. Now Darcy, I know this is only the first step, but how much longer until you announce that 25-year deal you're planning for Goose? Hopefully, you're just waiting for him to come back from Europe.

That last bit of news brings me to the newest feature of my blog. Like Anne over at Sabretooth's House, I've decided to spice my blog up with a new poll. Which of these lovely RFAs would you be most devastated to see stolen away by evil Kevin Lowe? We all know my answer, but I'm eager to hear cases for our other boys as well.

Tonight I'm off to Shea's to see Wicked. I've heard nothing but great things about it, so I can't wait to see if my inner theater geek will be satisfied!


dani said...

Tim, Chris, Nate-o, and Jhonas Brother Enroth will be the Goose, Millsie, & Co. of the future Sabre team!!!

"(not to be confused with Newsies)"

I was addicted to the Newsies since I was younger. Christian Bale is my favorite actor in the history of forever. And he's still smoking hot.

dani said...


Katie said...

Tim, Chris, Nate-o, and Jhonas Brother Enroth will be the Goose, Millsie, & Co. of the future Sabre team!!!

Hopefully they will get lots of training from their older counterparts because Millsey, Pommers, GOOSE, & Co. won't be leaving us for a LONG time!

And thanks for the link, Sabre Sister - it made me smile!