Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Sabres Draft Party - a Photo Diary

I feel way behind on this entry. Everyone else has pretty much summed up both the draft and draft party well enough that this will just be meaningless fluff (but who doesn't love fluff).

I was supposed to recap this much earlier, but I had another dance competition this weekend. We brought home another round of high score awards, but I'm definitely getting too old to keep doing this much longer. Case in point - after I finished my six dances on Sunday I went home and slept for 13 HOURS - apparently my mental and physical recovery time is not as it once was.

Now, onto more pressing matters...

We drafted a boy who is almost two years younger but 18 INCHES taller than I am! Darcy must have been catching up on his blog reading and saw that I wished for a new defenseman and a big, physical presence to help protect little Nate. Like a skinny, Canadian Santa, he proceeded to grant my wishes in one, Tyler Myers-shaped package.
Welcome to the Sabres, Tall Tyler (I need to come up with a better nickname)

We then proceeded to draft Tiny Tyler - Tyler Ennis, that is. He says his favorite player is Danny Briere. That's great Tyler, he was one of my favorites too, just promise you won't up and leave us for Philly like your idol - I still have a bit of a complex about that.

I'm also quite excited about second-round pick Luke Adam, who's 6'1 and 210 pounds, describing himself as a power forward. I feel a future Muckers and Grinders favorite in the making with that pick.

As for the draft party itself, it was okay. I was thoroughly disappointed by the lack of Sabres in attendance (no offense, Mike Funk and Tim Kennedy). However, the locker room tour was pretty awesome and almost made up for the whole Goose in Europe thing:

The lounge looks like the Brady Bunch's living room - they need a new interior decorator

The trainer's room was pretty cool - I like the picture of the Cup looming over everything like some sort of all-seeing presence

In honor of Heather B. - Hank's lovely locker

I was surprised that Pommer's locker wasn't covered in pictures of rainbows and etchings of "Pommers + System 4EVER"

The highlight of the tour for me (I wanted to just sit in there and wait until he comes back)

And finally...the only thing Darcy did not do according to my wish list...

Trade Max. Darcy, I know you said you tried, but all I can say is TRY HARDER. We have too many forwards, and if you have to let Goose go because no one wants Max, I might have to take drastic action.


dani said...

That living room setting really threw me off. You would think it be ... classier? I can't find the right word to describe their couch. It's so blah. But if it helps them play hockey, I guess it doesn't matter.

Katie said...

I can't find the right word to describe their couch.

"Bad convention center lobby" comes to mind. I think they should hire us as decorators.

dani said...

They should, Sabre Sister. They need better... feng shui and we can deliver.