Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Getting Hot in Here...And Other Random Thoughts

I think this pleasantly unusual Buffalo heat wave has melted all of my brain cells. Then again, when has this blog ever been about intelligent thought?

I think my last post pretty much sums up how I feel about the Stanley Cup Finals. I was so sad for Flower and his unfortunate tush-push that landed the third Detroit goal in the net. I also felt so bad for Sid - I always harp on him to show emotion, but his postgame interview was just heartbreaking. Between the red-rimmed eyes and the cracking voice that made him sound even more like a little kid, I could barely take it. My protective instinct kicked in again, and I just wanted to shoo all the reporters away and snuggle him.

However, I couldn't totally hate the fact that the Red Wings won. I liked that a European captain finally lifted the Cup, so maybe that stupid prejudice can stop (probably not, though...). I also liked seeing them with all of their little kids; it made the Robo-Wings seem much more warm and fuzzy. Also, congrats to Henrik Zetterberg on winning the Conn Smythe Trophy; he truly deserved it.

A caption would only ruin the greatness that is this picture.

In lieu of signing Goose, Darcy thinks he can win me over by having a draft day party. Yes, Darcy, I am easily distracted by free parking, food, and the promise of Sabre autographs, but DO NOT think this will hold me over for long. If Goose is there, expect me to be practicing my PR skills and starting negotiations for you. Don't tempt me.

Goose is contemplating the 25-year deal I'm sure Darcy is planning for him.

Speaking of Goose, I wonder which of our lovely boys will be there? I can assume Kaleta because he lives a hop, skip, and a jump away, but who else remains a mystery. Hopefully I'll run into some of you there, fellow bloggers!

This weekend is my dance studio's recital, so I will be on hiatus until Monday while I dance my feet off and hope my first year as a teacher goes off without a hitch. This also gives me time to plan how I will begin life as an offseason blogger. Hope everyone enjoys the warm weather in Buffalo - because we know it's short-lived!


Mary said...

hahaha, that Zetterberg picture is great.

I'm not going to lie, I am prettyyy excited for this draft party. But if this interferes with the Goose, you're right... Darcy should expect us to go from green to red!

Good luck at your recital!

dani said...

bwaaa goose hotness.

Ok. Anyways, to my point, I too am distracted by free stuff and Sabres autographs. I think my favorite part is the tour of the locker rooms. They were, like, naked there at one point.

Katie said...

hahaha, that Zetterberg picture is great.

I'm glad someone else appreciates the hilarity that is that picture!

Good luck at your recital!

Thanks, Mary!

Katie said...

bwaaa goose hotness.

I know, isn't that picture almost more gorgeous than usual - he's all focused and beautiful. :)

They were, like, naked there at one point.

You and I will be the ones drooling during that point of the evening, Sabre Sister!