Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's See if I'm Better this Round

Second round prediction time!

Eastern Conference

Boston vs. Carolina
Carolina may be riding the momentum of their Game Seven victory and a couple of epic comebacks, but Boston is the top seed for a reason. Really, though, Boston is my pick because I can't ever bring myself to pick the Hurricanes to win anything (except ugliest NHL captain). If you're looking for real analysis, I hate to say this, but this series looks ripe for the upset.
Bruins in 7 (unbiased opinion: Hurricanes in 6 - I have to wash my hands for typing that)

Washington vs. Pittsburgh
Gary Bettman is still pinching himself right now over this series. I'm already bracing myself for the onslaught of Ovechkin vs. Crosby publicity that will be shoved down our throats in the coming weeks. Give me a break. No offense, Sid, but you are no Ovie, and I hope that will finally come out in this series. Anyone who really watches hockey can see that Ovechkin brings a palpable intensity and physicality to the game that Crosby just doesn't seem to have. In the "Battle of Bettman's Dreams," I'll take No. 8 over No. 87.
Washington in 6

Western Conference

Detroit vs. Anaheim
I think this will be a lot closer than people may think. Detroit may have the pure skill to dominate anyone, but the Ducks just proved that grit can dominate skill in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Though this may be true, Detroit has what the Sharks did not - mental toughness and Stanley Cup experience from top to bottom on their roster. It'll be a battle, but I like the reigning champs.
Red Wings in 7

Vancouver vs. Chicago
Again, the NHL is trying to torture me by pitting teams I like against one another. Unlike Calgary, Vancouver has the speed and scoring depth to go toe-to-toe with Chicago. They also have the edge in goal, as I think Luongo will outplay Khabibulin. Plus, the Canucks will be getting an emotional boost with the return of Taylor Pyatt after the tragic death of his fiancee.
Canucks in 6

Agree? Think I'm nuts? Leave me a comment and let me know who you like!


Shelby Rose said...

I certainly agree with the fact that Carolina has the ugliest captain in the history of the NHL. A face only a mother could love.

Katie said...

I certainly agree with the fact that Carolina has the ugliest captain in the history of the NHL.//He's way to sugarcoat it.