Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alex Burrows Appreciation Post

I have a not-so secret confession to make...

I am in love with Alex Burrows and have been for quite some time.

Burrows has been my favorite Vancouver Canuck since I really started following them last season, but now he is challenging Colby Armstrong and Jarome Iginla for my favorite non-Sabre NHL player.

There are so many things to love about this 28-year old from Pincourt, Quebec. Because I am bored and tired of doing final projects, I will proceed to list them all:

  • He went undrafted, went to the ECHL, and then proceeded to work his way to the NHL. He now spends time on the top line of the Canucks and scored a career-best 28 goals this season.
  • The work ethic that got him to the NHL has never stopped and always shows itself on the ice, where he has become a never-quit force to be reckoned with...Much like a certain Sabre we all know and love (HONK!)...
  • He is the epitome of the kind of player I adore - all heart, penalty-killer extraordinaire, not afraid to stand up for himself or his teammates, and a good person on top of it all.
  • He has a dreamy French-Canadian accent...Who doesn't love that?
  • Like Goose, I loved him before I actually saw his face, but that face is certainly an added bonus:
You can imagine my excitement, then, when Burrows scored the game-winning OT to sweep the Blues last night. It was yet another example of his playing style that I have come to love - he may have been tired, the period may have been 19 seconds from ending, but he never quit.That goal gave me yet another reason to love Alex Burrows - he is incredibly thoughtful. In what may have been the biggest moment of his hockey life, when his emotions were surely clouding all thought, he took the time to remember his friend and teammate Luc Bourdon who died in a motorcycle accident last year.

Bourdon's goal celebration was a bow-and-arrow move, and Burrows added this to his own celebration last night, just as he did in the Canucks opener, which was dedicated to the memory of Bourdon:

Anyone else out there share my love for Vancouver's stalwart #14? If not, which players are you rooting for this postseaosn?


Anne said...

I love Burr!!! For some reason he hasn't cracked my top list of favorite Canucks but he's pretty darn lovable. He's quite the story. I hope this season is just a glimpse of more to come and not a fluke.

Katie said...

For some reason he hasn't cracked my top list of favorite Canucks but he's pretty darn lovable.Well, you can't have two gorgeous men with French-Candian accents on that top list...and I know you're not kicking off Big Bear! haha

Norm said...

I hate him because I was rooting for the Blues.

So give me a couple of days, and I'll love him again........he's the type of player I love to watch.

For that matter, he's the type of player in short supply on our team - you don't get far beyond Goose on the list of players like that on this squad.

Katie said...

Norm, I can feel your pain. I actually rooted against Kane last night because I want the Flames in that series. I still can't believe I did that...

I completely agree about Burrows being a type we're lacking on our team. I guess that's why I gravitate towards him - he's a lot like Goose, and it's something we don't get to see often with the team we have now.

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