Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick Hits

  • I apologize for being a terrible blogger lately. Between school and trying to choreograph dances for the studio, I've pretty much been eaten by work for the last week or so. I promise to be returning to my (semi) regular posting this week because my late class is cancelled and my dances are coming along smoothly.

  • I have nothing to say about the 6-1 loss to Columbus last night, mainly because I didn't see any of it. I went down to Chippewa for the first time for my best friend's 21st birthday (by the way, I highly recommend The Chocolate Bar for all of your sweet-tooth fulfilling needs). The most I got out of the game was that when Pommer scored our lone goal, you could hear the cheers from every bar on the street. We thought that meant we were doing well, but the bartender informed us when we walked in that everyone was just happy that we actually got a puck in the net.

  • The only other information I got about the game came from repeated text messages sent by Ryan from the Roost informing me that he wanted to shank Derek Roy.

  • Speaking of everyone's favorite metrosexual center, there was a sign at Bayou on Chippewa for an appearance Royzie's doing there after the Isles game next weekend. This is the exact wording: "Get Behind Number Nine." Do what you wish with this statement; I know I had too much fun with it already(yes, I do have the mind of a teenage boy)...

  • I know Patty Lalime had a bad showing last night, but I think we all need to remember just how adorable he truly is (or else we'll go insane). Check out around 2:12 of this video and just bask in how adorable he is talking about his daughters:
  • I'm not really in the mood to talk about the Bills either besides saying that Monday night has the power to keep us alive or kill our dreams for another year (I'm so positive, aren't I?).

  • However, I will say that Matt Cassel from the Pats looks like Woody from Toy Story:

I have no idea as to the significance of this, but I think it's funny

  • Tonight, the Sabres play the Pens, which means we get to see Sid the Kid for the first time this season. Sid, normally I never root against you, but tonight I hope that you get Kaleta'ed on your tush.
  • Finally, have you voted for your Sabres today?


Caroline said...

Kudos to the Chocolate Bar! I haven't been there in awhile, I should go soon.

And I love that video of Lalime, he is so precious.

Katie said...

Kudos to the Chocolate Bar!

That place was like heaven on earth for me. The truffle mousse I got was pretty much the best thing since the creation of Paul Gaustad. haha