Friday, November 7, 2008

Game Night

Tonight marks the first trip for the Atlanta Thrashers to Buffalo this season. It also marks my first regular season game at HSBC in the 2008-2009 campaign.

This means that I get to see the mighty Jochen's return to the ice for the first time since the Islanders Game; it will be so nice to have his defensibly responsible self back out there with Pommers!
I hope to see a lot of this happening tonight

I also get to see Captain Craig's return to home ice after he proved that he is, indeed, Super(defense)Man in New Jersey. I swear, sometimes I think I see the shirt with the "S" sticking out under his jersey. The last game I went to, he kicked the tar out of Ryan Hollweg, and I really hope he does the same to someone tonight.

For those of you who have read this blog since the summer, yes, I did pick this game for a reason, and that reason is...Colby Armstrong!

I love Colby almost as much as Sidney Crosby does, so this is the first game I'm going to where I actually genuinely like a guy on the other team. It makes me really excited that I get to see him probably do nothing except get penalties (which is all he does on my fantasy team), but I don't care because, for some reason, he just makes me smile.

Hopefully before I get to the arena tonight, I will know whose lovely face I will not be seeing on the ice. Will it be Timmy still nursing his sore groin (which begs for comments about Chippewa that I will leave to your imagination)? Will it be Matt Ellis placed on waivers again (I hope not)? Will Drew Stafford be sent to Portland for his lackluster play? Personally, I think it's this last choice - sorry Drew.

So if anyone else is going to be there tonight, stop by Section 307 and look for a really short girl wearing a Goose jersey.

PS: To whoever found this blog by looking for "best grinder ever hockey" I believe the answer you're looking for is Paul Gaustad.


Anne said...

Ahhh!! Army! He's such a great personality. I was so surprised when the Pens traded him. Can we get him somehow??

Ryan said...

Colby Armstrong once gave my girlfriend "eyes". I don't know what that means, but I'm okay with it.

Katie said...

He's such a great personality.

That he is, Anne! He's just infectiously adorable.

Can we get him somehow??

I've been asking that since he got traded, but I think Sid's going to want him back.

Katie said...

Colby Armstrong once gave my girlfriend "eyes".

Colby better watch it; I know what a violent and intimidating person you can be...


Shelby Rose said...

I love Army. ): I loved him on the Penguins, and was in tears when I heard he was traded in February.

Katie said...

I loved him on the Penguins, and was in tears when I heard he was traded in February.

Shelby, if you look at some of my posts from the Cup Finals, you can see that I felt exactly the same way. Sure, I was sad about Soupy, but thinking of Sid without Colby had me in tears for far too long for a non-Sabre.