Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

  • Seeing Goose back on the ice again doing what Roby referred to as some "ferocious forechecking"
  • The idea of Tim Connolly playing tomorrow. We've missed a good powerplay QB more than ever these last few games.
  • Clarke MacArthur showing why he should have been on the roster to begin with.
  • Captain Craig skating with the team. I never thought we would miss him as much as we do, but everything seems to be falling apart without him. If you didn't think he was really meant to be our captain, after these last two games I would like to think you would be singing a different tune. We lose him and our defense-first game falls apart. Coincidence? I'll leave that for you to decide.


  • The disappearing act that is Jason Pominville and Derek Roy. I know they're both great players who are just off to rough starts, but I'm getting frustrated. Not to mention the fact that if either of them breaks another stick at a crucial moment, I'm going to have a coronary.
  • The fact that I actually believe that Connolly will be back tomorrow and can make a difference for more than a game without breaking his jaw taking out his mouthguard.
  • This Jekyll and Hyde show that the Sabres are pulling this season. It's so early that I still don't know who they really are. Were these last two games just them dressing up as a bad hockey team or were the first eight just them dressing up as a good one? I know this is another comment straight out of overreaction central, but I've seen too much in these last games that reminded me of last year. Old habits die hard, and I guess we're seeing the remains of that now. I can only hope tomorrow they put this costume away
and put this one back on for the rest of the season
On that conflicted note, I want to wish all of you a very happy Halloween. In the spirit of costumed good times, go check out Ryan's post over at the Roost because Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a Sabre who thinks he is literally God's gift to the world.


dani said...

Happy Halloween my Sabre Sister!!! I missed the rally helmet Goose ever so much!!!

Katie said...

Happy Halloween Sabre Sis! Any day with rally Goose is a good day!

Ryan said...

All you do is steal pictures from me, huh? And why can't I be a Sabre Sister? I miss out on EVERYTHING!

Katie said...

All you do is steal pictures from me, huh?

Well that's only because you are the greatest blogger ever and all I can do is mooch off of your talents and success.

And I think that you would make a very lovely Sabre Sister. haha

Shelby Rose said...

I love rally helmets! Especially when Goose does it. <3
Happy Halloween, Katie! (:

Katie said...

Happy Halloween Shelby!

Jael said...

Happy Halloween!

I, too, would like for the real Sabres team to please stand up and stay standing... I think they are for real, when Rivet is in the lineup, but when he's out, apparently they're, "O hai, last year!" And that... sucks.

And, no, no Halloween is complete without pictures of Drew Stafford in particular acting like... Drew Stafford on Halloween.

Katie said...

Welcome to Muckers and Grinders, Jael! Thanks for commenting!

I, too, would like for the real Sabres team to please stand up and stay standing...

I think I want nothing more in my tick or treat bag than this (except maybe an unlimited supply of peanut butter cups)