Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Hockey Gods Do Not Like Me This Season

Let's review how the last few weeks have gone for me as a Sabres fan:

As you all know, Goose is my favorite Sabre, hockey player, and environmentally conscious human being. So of course he would be sidelined by thumb surgery before the season even starts.

I drafted Jochen Hecht to represent the Sabres forwards on my first ever fantasy hockey team. Right after he notches his first point for me, the Sabres lose him for weeks with a finger injury.

In place of Goose, I devoted my hockey loving heart to Captain Craig Rivet. Mr. Rivet has already secured himself a place among my favorite players. In fact, I may go so far as to say he's threatening Pommer to overtake my second-favorite spot.

In keeping with this pattern it should not have surprised me to hear that my new love on the blueline had knee surgery and will be out for at least two weeks.

I guess Pommer should be extra careful now!

According to Lindy, Captain Craig had been playing through pain for a few games now, not that anyone could really tell from watching. He turned in solid performances, especially in last night's game. Lindy seemed pretty impressed with his captain's toughness, and I wonder if some of his comments were directed at a certain center who can't seem to play through pain at all...

As much as I would love to see Mike Weber get the call; it's nice for Nathan Paetsch to get a chance to prove himself skating with ol' reliable Teppo.

Plus, guess who's reunited?

Even Ryan's happy to see Tallydman back together!

In all seriousness, though, I think we'll be fine without Captain Craig in the lineup. He's already taught them a lot about toughness and responsibility in the short amount of time he's been here. This just gives the guys a chance to play even harder until he comes back to lead them again, and, if Vanek keeps playing like he's been playing, I have no doubt that we can keep going just as we have been.

Sidenote to Captain Craig:

This does not mean, though, that you can take you dear, sweet time coming back. We still need you, Mr. Rivet, kicking tail and taking names. These next two weeks won't be the same without you.
Get well soon, Captain Craig! The "C" is waiting for you to come back and wear it!


Shelby Rose said...

Don't worry - Jochen will soon be back to continue representing the Sabres on your fantasy team. (: Hopefully soon, and I hope he doesn't get sidelined more like Timmy's injuries usually do to him...ugh.

I am glad that Tallydman is being reunited though, hurray!

Katie said...

I am glad that Tallydman is being reunited though, hurray!

That is the one bright spot we can take out of Captain Craig's injury. I bet they're happy to be back together, too.