Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy HONK!!

Thank you, Darcy Regier.

Last year at this time, I was a wreck. We had lost both Danny Briere and Chris Drury, and my vacation to Cooperstown was pretty much ruined.

This year, July 1 could not get much better from my perspective. I'm back from a nice, relaxing two days at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and I get to come home to news like this.

Paul Gaustad. Four years. $9.2 million.

Four more years of Chris Neil poundings, aluminum can recycling, community helping, and, of course, rally helmets.
So thanks again, Darcy. Thanks for rewarding hard work and relentless dedication. Thanks for making it clear that what someone contributes off the ice is sometimes as important as what he contributes on it. Thanks for showing everyone that pure effort really does make a difference.

And thank you, Goose. Thanks for making it clear that you want to stay a part of this team, this community. Thanks for showing that you love us as much as we love you. Thanks for being so gosh-darn humble in an age of athletic prima donnas:

“I’m pretty speechless that I have a four-year deal in the National Hockey
League,” Gaustad said by phone from Oregon. “I’m extremely excited to have
the opportunity to be back in Buffalo. It’s just a great place to play. I
really do think we have a chance to win, and that’s a big factor for me.”

Sure, other things happened in free agency today. The Sabres got a new backup goalie, Patrick Lalime, from Chicago for $2 million over 2 years. I promise to properly welcome him tomorrow when I'm less Goose-focused.

The Blackhawks won the Soupy Sweepstakes, signing Brian Campbell to an 8-year deal worth $57.12 million. Have fun with the spin-o-ramas now, Chicago, they get old fast. Private to Soupy: if you do anything to corrupt my precious Pat Kane, I will hurt you.

I know we still need a defenseman, but right now I'm too happy to really think analytically about anything.

This is my happy HONKing dance.

Let's just hope this signing helps Goose's two BFFs in their Sabre-signing decisions:

Now, back to my happy HONKing dance...


dani said...

HAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! You have the best victory dance ever! I love the happy honk! I almost died of laughing so hard. Mmmm Goose.

Katie said...

HAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! You have the best victory dance ever!

I figured that picture best fit my mood yesterday. Mmmm Goose, indeed.