Saturday, July 5, 2008

Goodbyes and Hellos

My Fourth of July felt like that of a bipolar schizophrenic:

2:30 p.m.: What?! The Sabres traded Steve Bernier! For DRAFT PICKS?! This is the WORST TRADE EVER! Vancouver totally fleeced us on this one. Poor Big Bear; I'll miss you and your adorable accent so much. I strongly dislike you, Darcy.

6:00 p.m.: What?! The Sabres picked up Craig Rivet in a trade from the Sharks! For DRAFT PICKS?! This is the BEST TRADE EVER! So this is why we traded away Bernier. Oh well, we did what we had to do. Sorry, Big Bear, you were a little slow for our speed demon ways anyway. I knew I always liked you, Darcy.

Anyone else experience these glaring mood swings?

Today, I say goodbye to Steve Bernier. Big Bear, I felt like you could have become a favorite of mine with your hard-hitting ways and affinity for sticking up for little Derek - not to mention your cute broken English. I can only be happy that we traded you to my favorite team in the West, Vancouver. I hope they take good care of you up there.

Au revoir, Big Bear.

As much as I did like Steve Bernier, I am beyond excited to welcome our newest Sabre, Craig Rivet!

Rivet is exactly the kind of defenseman I was hoping for Darcy to bring in. I always say that if I remember a guy from the Western Conference who's not a superstar, he's either really good or really bad. I remember Craig Rivet - in a good way. He's dependable defensively and still manages to chip in offensively as well. Also, he's a righty - something our blueline is lacking.

What most impresses me from what I've seen and heard about Rivet are what he brings off of the scoresheet. He is a veteran leader, the likes of which we sorely need around here. Also, he's not afraid to play with his heart on his sleeve and stand up for any of his teammates (especially his goalie).

Plus, this boy can fight:

I know I've yet to see him play a game in Blue and Gold, but I think Craig Rivet will be a favorite at Muckers and Grinders. In that clip alone, he's everything I love in a hockey player - gritty, angry, and protective of his teammates.

This fight is pretty great as well - all Sabres fans should check it out.


dani said...

Awww I can't wait for the fighting. Yesss. I particularly enjoy the last video.

Katie said...

I particularly enjoy the last video.

What I loved best about it was how Rivet actually started the fight with Rayzor - that takes serious guts!

And fighting is one of my FAVORITE parts of hockey, so I already know I'm gonna LOVE Rivet!