Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#28 Turns 28

Today is a very special day around these parts. It has been circled on my calendar, plugged into my phone, and written in my planner.

For most of you, today is an important day in the hockey season because the Sabres face their biggest game in a while - playing the surging Senators at HSBC with the hope of keeping our fiercest rivals safely behind us in the battle for the lead in the Northeast Division.

For me, though, today is about more than just a much-hyped hockey game. It's a day to celebrate the birth of our fearless assistant captain with the ruggedly handsome face.

Happy Birthday, Paul Gaustad!

Today is the day that #28 turns 28, and I would like to celebrate with a brief photo essay on the local treasure that is The Goose.

Not only he is a leader on the ice, Goose is a leader in the community. His work with Camp Good Days has helped to make lives brighter for a lot of sick children in WNY. He is carrying on the tradition of Buffalo Sabres really striving to make a positive impact on the city, and I am always proud to wear his jersey. Not only is his charity work inspiring, it also has led to photos like this:

Say it with me...Awwww...

A guy who does all that Goose does on and off the ice could start to take himself seriously, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It takes someone with a good sense of humor to rock a pair of tennis shorts and a sweatband the way Goose can:
There's not much left I can say after looking at that picture, so I'll just end this with my birthday wish for Goose.

Dearest Birthday Boy,

It is my hope that on this, your 28th birthday, you are given the gift of a sound demolition of the Senators, a team that we all know that you hate with a burning passion. I would wish for a hat trick or even a goal for you, but all I really hope for is that you get to spend your birthday night making Chris Neil cry in a corner.I hope you are given the gift of a victory tonight and an important role in it. It would be the perfect present - not just for you but for all of us waiting for a win against the Sens.

Happy Birthday!


dani said...

When #28 is 28, that means it will be a lucky year.

Shelby Rose said...

I think Goose is going to wreak some havoc tonight. ;)
Ironic how this year #26 turned 26, #28 turned 28 and #30 turns 30.

Katie said...

I like your theory, Sabre Sister! :)

Katie said...

Shelby, I had no idea that so many of them turned as old as their numbers this year! Freaky coincidence, or sign that this is a special year? haha

Anonymous said...

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