Sunday, October 18, 2009

Never Fails

I knew it was coming.

It seems like every time I go to the arena and see an ex-Sabre play, the find some way to rip my heart out. The last time it was Marty Biron shutting them out with the Flyers nearly a year ago.

Tonight, it was Max Afinogenov who responded to those harsh boos with a goal that left everyone around me saying the same thing: "Did that really just happen?"

Did Max really just successfully complete a rush without losing the puck?

Where was that the last couple of years when he was playing for us?

I honestly didn't expect it to happen. After Stafford scored, I was so busy hoping for the chance to pull the goalie that I forgot about that guy wearing #61 who is still fast and actually pretty decent at hockey. What's bad isn't that I didn't see it coming - it's that the Sabres didn't see it either.

I am officially 0-4 in first games I attend for the Sabres. I should have known this was coming. And I should have known it was Max who would keep my streak of bad luck alive. For all the frustration and pained shock that he put us all through the last few seasons, it was almost like poetic justice to feel those things again - only with him wearing another team's jersey instead.

Love him now, Atlanta fans - it's only a matter of time before those rushes become nothing to get worked up about...Until he goes to play for another team...


Shelby Rose said...

My friend and I were actually really glad Max scored to shut up the boos. I'm sick of people around here booing ex-Sabres, at least the ones that didn't have a choice but to leave. Max is an example. Yes, he made a lot of people angry over the past few season (including myself) but the Sabres were trying to get rid of him and now he's gone, and people are booing him for wearing another team's jersey. I really hope he does well in Atlanta.

Katie said...

I couldn't agree more Shelby. It really bothered me when people were booing so intensely last night. Max didn't choose to leave, and he loved the fans here. Sure, he made us all crazy, but he doesn't deserve the kind of reaction that people like Hasek or Drury deserve. It was over-the-top yesterday, and it got on my nerves that they had to do it every single time he touched the puck.

Anonymous said...

I need to go to more games. I haven't seen the Sabres lose in 3 years.

Katie said...

I haven't seen the Sabres lose in 3 years.

I want to be you. I see them lose too often at HSBC.