Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Recap Part I

Today, Muckers and Grinders is officially one year old. As I said last night, I still can't believe that people actually have been reading my overly emotional take on the Buffalo sports world for so long.

To celebrate, what goes better with a birthday party than stats! Before you start making a list of all the things that are (which better include Paul Gaustad), I promise, most of these are pretty interesting.

*I've had 10,926 separate visits to my blog this year, with 14,896 pageviews. I know that, to some, this is not the greatest number, but for someone who is often slow to update and has very little creative impulse to make my work stand out among the other awesome blogs out there, this is a lot. So thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you keep reading my rididculous thoughts for another year!

*People from 42 countries have visited this blog. The majority come from the U.S., with Canada coming in second. There are some other cool international visitors, though, like readers from Germany, Finland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Latvia.

*In America, my highest percentage of readers are obviously from this area, but Virginia ranks second.

*Call me obsessed, but I love when I see returning readers from East Lansing or Portland. I like to pretend that people in contact with Ryan Miller and Paul Guastad like reading about how much I love them.

*Out of all the blogs out there, the most readers come to my site from The Goose's Roost. Thanks for bringing some of your readers my way, guys!

*My most popular post in terms of readers was the Class of 1970 Reunion post I wrote about the Canucks-Sabres game back in October. It had 151 pageviews, which leads me to believe that I have some readers from Vancouver that I should cater to more often!

* Most popular search label: Ryan Miller with Paul Gaustad and Jason Pominville rounding out the top three. It's good to see that I'm not the only one out there who wants more info on The Trio.

Later today I'll recap the best of Google Analytics because nothing says Happy Birthday like hilarious searches!


Caroline said...

*Call me obsessed, but I love when I see returning readers from East Lansing or Portland.

I always get a lot of readers from East Lansing and Portland too!

Katie said...

Caroline, then it's a good thingwe say such nice things about those boys!

Caroline said...

For sure...that's probably why we keep getting readers from there. :)

Shelby Rose said...

Happy blog birthday, Katie!

Katie said...

Thanks, Shelby!

amy said...

Happy blog birthday (and many more)!