Monday, December 29, 2008

Picture Time!

I'm glad to read that everyone around the Buffalo blogging world enjoyed their holidays. I've spent the last few days catching up with family and friends, so I haven't had much time to write.

Also, I feel that there hasn't been much worthy of a post - another uninspired performance by the Bills on Sunday, a sham of a win by the Sabres on Saturday. Anything I could say would only be redundant - about Dick Jauron or the Sabres' inability to close out the worst team in the East.

So, instead, I present a short photo diary of how I've spent my Christmas vacation:

I got some great sports-related gifts for Christmas: Sabres gloves, a new Bills baseball cap, an "I Love Buffalo Lacrosse" shirt to wear in my Bandits season ticket seats, and money to buy this:
I'll have a book review up as soon as I get it and finish it!

Though all of those were great gifts, the best present came from my parents. I've been talking about it forever, so here is my brand new Pommer jersey:

My mom said that the guy at Laux told her that mine was the only jersey with a letter on it - I was so glad that she asked specifically for that. Thanks again, Mom!

Excuse my Christmas morning no-makeup look that I'm rocking in these photos.

Today I received the best belated Christmas gift ever, thanks again to my mom and dad. She was driving by Bases Loaded Sports Collectibles on French Rd., and she saw a sign laying on the ground because of the gale-force winds we've been having. Knowing that they sometimes have Sabres doing signings, she pulled in and looked at it for her slightly obsessed daughter.

Well, it turns out that Andrew Peters and Nate Gerbe were there tonight, and my father took my sister to see them. Naturally, I just had to tag along - I would never pass up a chance to meet the hero of all vertically challenged people everywhere!

Needless to say, Amy and I had a blast. Petey was extremely nice, joking around with the little girls in front of us. He was also cracking endless jokes about poor Nate, saying that he was as tall as Gerbe when he was nine and that Nate may need a booster seat to see over the counter he was signing on.

My sister couldn't wait to see Petey!

Nate was everything I hoped he'd be - little (but taller than me), adorable, and very sweet. He took the time to ask how I was doing, and, when my father wished him luck for the rest of the season, he responded: "Thanks so much; I really appreciate it." The nice thing was, that he actually gave off the vibe that he did mean what he said.

I swear, there was a moment before I left that he told me to "have a great night" with a cute little smile, and I thought I would have to be mopped off the floor in a big puddle of Gerbe-love. Maybe he was just excited to see a girl his age that is shorter than he is, but in the words of every character on "The Real World," I think we have a real "connection" (if by "connection" you mean one-sided infatuation).

I think this is the perfect shade of painfully awkward to make great engagement announcements someday!

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading out to morning practice at HSBC with my younger cousins. I always try to get to one per year, so it should be fun. I'll try to post pictures sometime after!


Ryan said...

That "A" on the Pominville jersey is freaking huge. Also, I got something you will love. Remind me sometime and I'll send a picture.

Jill said...

Oh looks like you had fun!

Katie said...

That "A" on the Pominville jersey is freaking huge.

I know! Oh well, the only problem with it is that my mother keeps calling me Hester like in "The Scarlet Letter." haha

And I'm very intrigued to see what you got!

Katie said...

Oh looks like you had fun!

Thanks, Jill! These last few days have been a blast for me!

Rachael and Lucinda said...

Glad you had a great holiday!


dani said...

"The Real World," I think we have a real "connection" (if by "connection" you mean one-sided infatuation).

AHHHHHHHHHHHH<3 Did you tell him you are facebook friends?! And I love your 1/2 nap buddy jersey with a letter! Congrats Sabre Sister!!!

Katie said...

Glad you had a great holiday!

Thanks, Rachael! I hope you had a great one, too!

Katie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH<3 Did you tell him you are facebook friends?!

I was going to, but I was afraid that would sound like a stalker (which I totally may be, but oh well - haha). I tagged him in the picture, so hopefully I show up on his news feed - haha!

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