Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quick Hits

Some random thoughts as I steel my nerves for the Sabres-Sens game tomorrow night:

*In my last post, I said that Paul Gaustad was challenging Pat Kaleta for his spot in my father's heart. Apparently, Patty took that personally and then went on to have two amazing games with two shorthanded goals. Both were impressive, but I especially liked the one on Lundqvist. It was a shot with a lot of confidence, and it was so unexpected. I always love seeing grinders get recognition, so I am very happy to see him in the spotlight. Plus, I like when other people get to see their underappreciated favorite get some love from people other than them, so I'm happy for my dad!

*Speaking of underappreciated favorites, I am really missing Goose out on the ice. I never noticed how important his face-off skills were until we were without them. At least he's improving, though, so hopefully he'll be back soon. I really wish he was playing tomorrow - he's the only one I trust to give Chris Neil a beating.

*In NFL news, J.P. Losman is reportedly heading to Oakland. I finally get to use my "I don't think you're a failure, J.P." tag again! That's pretty much the extent of how much I care about that news. It's nice to see him back in the NFL, but the Bills this season have drained a lot of my energy in terms of the effort I put into my football fandom. It's hard for me to care about a sport when my team is so irrelevant in it.

*I forgot to say this in my last post, but my thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Grier and his family after the passing of his mother. As someone who lost someone close to her around Christmas, I know that's not easy. Kudos to him for coming back as soon as he did, and I'm sure he's getting all the support he needs from his teammates and coaches. They really are a family, and I hope that comforts him.

*Tomorrow the Sabres play in Ottawa. Just saying that makes me start to shake involuntarily. I have come to dread Ottawa games like I dreaded Calculus class - the feeling of failure just hangs around it. I'm hoping that they prove my exceedingly low expectations ("just don't get embarrassed") wrong, but I'm not planning on a win. You may call that being negative, but I call that being a Sabres fan for the last four years. Again, let's just hope they prove my pessimism wrong.


Caroline said...

I'm hoping that they prove my exceedingly low expectations ("just don't get embarrassed") wrong

Haha yep, pretty much sums it up...

Katie said...

I just want them to look like a hockey team out there - not what they usually degenerate into in Ottawa :(

dani said...

"I don't think you're a failure, J.P." tag again!

Whhheeeee!!!!! haha

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure that's a tag I thought I'd never get to use again! I missed it!