Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy Day

I love trade deadline day. It's the day I really get to embrace my inner hockey geek and sit down with 5 different websites up and the free preview of the NHL Network (thank God) on my TV, and no one in my house judges me for it.

This year didn't really disappoint for me, with the action beginning in the morning and lasting after 3 p.m. came and went.

I'm sure most of you reading this were just as crazy as I was about getting as much information as possible today, so I'll just offer my quick two-cents on the deals involving the Sabres:

- First things first: The Sabres re-signed Tim Connolly for 2 years and a reported $9 million. Yes, the money is a lot, but I really like this deal. I like that Timmy showed loyalty to the team that has taken risk after risk on him and his glass body. I like that Darcy is still proving that he wants to keep the core of this team together because I feel that Timmy is a valuable part of this core. He makes this team so much better, and I firmly believe that we have a much better chance of making the playoffs with him than had we traded him today.

Timmy is happy because he gets to stay in a place where he knows he's loved (especially by a select female "fanbase")

- The team acquired a more experienced backup goaltender for Patty Lalime with a trade for Mikael Tellqvist from Phoenix in exchange for a 4th round pick in 2010. His stats look good, and Rob Ray said on the radio that he seems like a good, team-first guy. We needed insurance at that position, and that's exactly what we got.

Tellqvist (in the foreground, back in his Toronto days) showing on of the reasons why I will love him

- Bye-bye Big Al: Ales Kotalik was traded to Edmonton in a four-team deal that was more complicated than my Calculus class (in short, we got a 2nd round pick from Carolina, which was later used). I did love watching him in shootouts, but I'm not too depressed to see him leave. I always felt like he had more to give, and I was frustrated watching him only use his body when he felt like it. I couldn't preach more about how much I like gritty, tough guys, and Al never really fit the bill there. Trades always make me sad when they involve guys I've come to know, so this does feel strange to say that he's an Oiler now. I wish him the best, and I feel fine saying that because we won't be seeing him anytime soon.

He was such a cute baby Sabre back in the day

- Finally, I would like to offer a big Muckers and Grinders welcome to the newest Sabres center, Dominic Moore from Toronto, who we acquired for a second-round pick (which we got for Kotalik).

Anyone who hits Chris Neil in the face is a good pick-up for me

From all that I've heard, Moore is a true heart-and-soul type of player. That kind of effort is something that we really need on this team, especially in the push to the playoffs. It seems like he's never one to back away from a scrum, and I love that in a player. He is having a career season in terms of points, but I'm happier to see the effort he'll bring to the ice.

I'll be at the game against Phoenix on Friday, and I'm so excited to see his first game as a Sabre.

All in all, I think this was a good day for the Sabres. We picked up insurance in goal as well as a strong all-around center. We signed a player who I firmly believe we need on the ice in order to be successful.

Do you agree that today was a positive day for the Sabres? I do know that it will be much better if we win against Montreal tonight.


dani said...

Ales was a cute baby. Who knew?

Katie said...

I know...I wonder why I never had a crush on him in my Sabre-loving youth...Timmy was my man back then (I feel somewhat ashamed admitting that...)