Saturday, January 3, 2009

Live Blogging - M&G Style

So today I've decided to try my hand at a live blog - or at least a semi-live blog. I'm going to flip back and forth between the Bulls and Sabres games, offering my comments on each as I come upon something interesting.

Feel free to offer some comments while you're watching, too, or after the games if you stumble upon this post - I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about!

Before we start, I would just like to say how sad I am that Nate Gerbe got sent back to Portland yesterday. I understand that Nate needs more playing time than Lindy could give him here, but that doesn't mean that a little part of me isn't heartbroken.

Goodbye, Nate, we'll always have that night in West Seneca:

12:14 p.m. (Bulls Game) - Donald Brown for UConn is really good. Just as I said that, UConn fumbled but recovered, but UB still forced a punt. Still 0-0, with UB getting the ball. I am loving the amount of crazy Buffalo fans in the crowd - wish I was there.

12:24 (Bulls Game) - If UConn wants to play dirty; we'll take it. After UConn roughs the punter, UB recovers the ball with great field position following a special teams turnover. The punt hits a UConn player in the back, and UB capitalizes. The next play, a Drew Willy pass, almost results in a turnover the other way. I don't think I've ever been this nervous for a college football game.

12:29 (Bulls Game) - A field goal that just makes it puts the Bulls up 3-0. I'm hoping that it's a lead we can hold the whole game, but first we have to stop Brown.

12:33 (Bulls Game) - Damn. Did I mention Brown is really good? 7-3 Huskies.

12:40 (Bulls Game) - Drew Willy overthrows Naaman Roosevelt on what should have been a sure TD. Still 7-3 Huskies, who just had a really great punt return. Damn again.

12:59 (Bulls Game) - Well, when your offense and defense aren't working, that's why you have special teams. A great punt leads to another UConn turnover - this time in the endzone. It's suddenly all knotted up at 10 points each!

1:07 (Bulls Game) - UConn's quarterback is terrible, and I love it. On a great sack, he fumbles, and the Bulls recover yet again. This is what this team does best - capitalize on other teams' mistakes.

1:11 (Bulls Game) - 13-10 Bulls! Although I wish we could have come out of that with 7, I'll take the points.

1:13 (Sabres Game) - Perfect timing by my dad, who turned on the Sabres game just in time to see Matt Ellis (I think) score to put the Sabres up 1-0. Great job by both Ellis and Goose driving to the net! Then, he switched it back to UB to see them recover a fumble on the kickoff on the 5-yard line! The Bulls scored again to make it 20-10, and I'm getting goosebumps!

1:17 (Sabres Game) - Thomas Vanek makes it 2-0 on the PP, many thanks to my mom for alerting me to this! I'm liking this 6-minute stretch of live blogging!

1:24 (Bulls Game) - Another fumble and UB recovery!! (but the Sabres are killing an Adam Mair high-sticking penalty and Vanek is nursing an injured foot).

1:26 (Sabres Game) - The Bruins scored. Grrr...But Derek Roy just drew a penalty for us, so let's try and make it 3-1!

1:54 (Halftime/First Intermission) - Of course both breaks would coincide! The Bulls still hold a slim 20-17 lead over the Huskies, and the Sabres are in a similar situation in Boston, still leading 2-1 after 1 period of play. I have just one question about the Sabres game - why does Chara have his own set of rules? He punched Derek Roy three times in the head with no call. Roy hasn't backed down, though. With the period winding down, he took a big run at Chuck Kobasew (I think). Somebody ate his Wheaties today!

2:06 (Sabres Game) - Matt Ellis is Beast Mode! 3-1 Sabres, and I love it when my muckers and grinders have multi-goal games!

2:21 (Sabres Game) - A point shot by Boston gets by a highly screened Miller, and the Bruins make it only a one-goal lead for Buffalo.

2:25 (Sabres Game) - The population of Pominville goes up by one (but he may not have touched the puck). Whoever touched it doesn't matter; all that matters is the Sabres are up 4-2!

2:36 (Bulls Game) - Goose has been given credit for the fourth goal (yay!) but the Sabres have to start the third period on the PK (boo!). Still, Buffalo maintains a 4-2 lead on Boston, but the same can't be said of UB. Down 24-20 with 3:30 left in the third quarter, it's starting to look bad for the Bulls. The score wouldn't indicate it, but the play of both the offense and defense would.

3:20 (Sabres Game) - Craptastic. Vanek takes a penalty with 2:06 to go and only a two-goal lead. UB is losing 38-20 after a 100-yard fumble recovery by UConn. Let's hope the Sabres hang on.

3:28 (Sabres Game) - After some nerve-wracking moments on the last PK, the Sabres are winners for the second straight game and remain undefeated in 2009! What a great effort by the boys to take down the best team in the East. They need to play with this same level of physical attack and tenacity every game. I'm very proud of them tonight.

3:29 (Bulls Game) - UB loses the International Bowl 38-20, but I'm still proud of them, too. While this game wasn't a very good showing, this whole season has been one hell of a ride. True to form, the Bulls may have been outmatched, but they hung tough until the very end.

Well, I hope everyone has a great rest of their day. I'm off to HSBC for the Bandits season opener; I can't wait to see the Championship Banner!


Shelby Rose said...

I hope you had a great time at the Bandits game! (: Especially because they won!

Katie said...

Thanks, Shelby! The game was great, and I think the fact that they were winners may have had something to do with it. haha

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